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Antares Venezia

Murano glass jewels

“A story that has been told for over twenty years: twenty years dedicated to pursuing new materials, new ideas, ingenious processing and design that is consistently innovative season after season.
The original idea was to create jewellery in blown Murano glass – necklaces, bracelets and earrings – that would be outstanding for their modern design and new identity while adding a distinct characteristic to jewellery made from glass: it had to be something that could be worn every day but it also had to express the identity of the woman wearing it. I have always been interested in the profound symbolic meaning of ornamental accessories in cultures throughout the world and therefore have always wanted to create genuine works of sculpture to be worn.
On the one hand we have the time-honoured processing of blown glass so typical to Venice and the island of Murano, the most authentic expression of Venetian artistry – known the world over. On the other hand, a design that is original and in line with fashion trends is needed. But it also has to be so essential that it can be interpreted as “timeless”, the utmost expression of the culture of Italian design.
Today I am proud to state that I designed many of the jewels presented in our catalogue over twenty years ago and they are still being sold all over the world, worn graciously by countless women. A major success for a clothing accessory!
When we first started in 1994-1995, nobody was willing to take a risk but now many others are trying to imitate our jewellery without ever matching the quality of our details or design.
The key to our success is a design that is modern, essential and sculpted along with the creative ability to start over – year after year – as we interpret the changes that come along. We have been efficient at maintaining our distinct identity as well as retaining our original idea of creating jewellery whose very element is 100% handmade in Italy”.
Fulvia Notari

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The jewellery collections designed by Fulvia Notari have their own place within the great Italian tradition of handcrafted bijoux. Italy has been a benchmark of this tradition for centuries: whenever artisanal bijoux is mentioned, handcrafted works immediately come to mind – pieces that are sophisticated and elegant in both terms of quality and the refinement of their details.
Murano blown glass is the central figure in Fulvia Notari’s collections.
Every single bead is made from mouth blown glass and moulded by hand according to an innovative design, resulting in jewellery that is truly unique, refined and elegant.
There are different traditional methods adopted when processing Murano glass: the beads of full glass are created with the “lampwork” technique while the “murrines” are obtained by sections of multi-coloured glass rods called canes that are processed when cold and then fused in order to make items that are generally flat and round.
Blown glass is the only technique that allows for the processing of visually impressive objects which are extremely light when worn, which is why I find this the best technique in terms of artistic expression.


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FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF ANTARES From Venice's Palazzo Grassi to New York's Art&Craft Museum; along the way, Paris' Galérie de l'Opéra and other prestigious stores from Sydney to Tokyo: displayed in many parts of the world, Antares Venezia's wearing sculptures immediately draw the attention of men and women at every latitude and longitude.
Even Elton John, on a visit to Capri, was caught on camera with a purchase of jewels designed by Fulvia Notari.
In the picture you can just see the Maratea necklace around his friend's neck. Elton John just purchased the necklace as a gift at the Raku Capri city centre boutique.