Glass origins

Precious daughters of the East made famous by the Phoenicians, flaunted in Mesopotamia and ennobled by the Pharaohs, pearls eventually found their seal of approval in Venice.

It was the masters of Murano who, from the Middle Ages onward, began to develop unique skills in the art of glassworking. Their sophisticated hot-working techniques, born from their ingenuity and a jealously kept, tenaciously guarded tradition, carried the fame and splendour of Murano’s pearls across the seven seas.

The pearls became so precious that they were accepted as trade currency, just as in Africa until a few decades ago.

To this day, we make every bead of our original creations by hand: adopting the same techniques that have been used for centuries to process Murano glass.

The light they radiate and the brilliance of the colours of our glass beads are proof of the authenticity of the material used.