Antares Venezia jewels around the world

From Venice’s Palazzo Grassi to New York’s Art&Craft Museum; along the way, Paris’ Galérie de l’Opéra and other prestigious stores from Sydney to Tokyo: displayed in many parts of the world, Antares Venezia’s wearing sculptures immediately draw the attention of men and women at every latitude and longitude.

Even Elton John, on a visit to Capri, was caught on camera with a purchase of jewels designed by Fulvia Notari.

In the picture you can just see the Maratea necklace around his friend’s neck. Elton John just purchased the necklace as a gift at the Raku Capri city centre boutique.

The art of presentation

“I enjoy travelling. I’ve always been fascinated by the discovery of new lands. In Japan I began studying the art of presentation. Today it’s an important aspect of how I merge art and designing. Whenever I draw inspiration from Japan I don’t just think about paper sculptures and ikebanas. In fact, I relive that skill – refined throughout the centuries – of unveiling the essence and the soul of things, in an intimate and rarefied manner.

Japanese culture also expanded the horizons of my love for paper. The care I put into each presentation is a rite I love to repeat and renew – it’s like a jewel ikebana.

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